Our People

Our team has been designed as a group of lifelong learners who can embody our vision principles and who are able to collaborate with each other and with our learners.

We believe powerful learning doesn’t just happen, it requires a special skill set. As a team, we will enable the creation of authentic learning opportunities for every learner. Each member of our wonderful team brings their own story, prior knowledge and strengths. Our goal is to embrace this, to exploit our diversity.

Diversity will be a resource and a strength of OrmPS, which will enable our team to adapt the learning to meet the needs of the individual learners and of each other. Our learners will view themselves as educators and our learning coaches will strive to see learning through the eyes of their learners. In our team everyone is a leader, and everyone is a learner. Ultimately, it is truly all about team.

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Working at OrmPS

We are always looking for #Oresome educators.  If you are an innovative, life-long learner and would like to join our dynamic, collaborative team, please express your interest using [email protected]

“Teachers use the modern learning environment well to enable children to make choices, share learning, and work both independently and collaboratively. Open and shared teaching spaces allow flexibility for teachers and children in learning interactions.” (ERO, 2015)