We are conscious about developing a culture of sustainability and creating sustaining connections with our community.

In building OrmPS we have achieved a Green Star Rating (see their website for more details).

“Sustainability is something everyone can work towards… whether it is picking up rubbish you see on the street or boycotting a company that practices environmentally harmful business methods, we CAN all make a difference.” ~ unknown 

OrmPS is a Travelwise School.

Travelwise is an innovative programme to make school travel safer, healthier and more fun.

The programme works with OrmPS to:

  • encourage and increase use of active travel modes and public transport.
  • provide safer facilities for all road users.
  • reduce congestion around schools.

For more information about our programmes, visit our Travelwise site

We believe our school and community are a true partnership. We want our young people to gain skills, knowledge and experiences to design and create their community with sustainable, ‘clean and green’ values.