Day of an OrmPS Learner

Habitats open from 8:00am for iExplore time if learners wish to utilise this time for jump starting their learning adventures.

8:55-9:35      Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays – iExplore

  • This is the self-directed, student interest based learning block. It is time for learners to be curious. We see it as ‘the reason to get out of bed in the morning’.
  • New learners (all new enrolments will start on Mondays, unless exceptional circumstances)

8:55-10:00am      Wednesdays- Whole School ‘Hui’

  • School Focus Assembly (odd weeks)
  • Learner Led Hui – last week of each term: Club Celebration

9:35-10:30  iDevelop – Maths

This learning block will involve personalised sessions with a Learning Coach to develop specific capabilities.  This will target teaching mathematical skills to support, stretch and challenge our learners.

10:30-11:10   iActive & iBreak1

Each day the first iBreak will begin with a 10 minute targeted fitness session lead by our Learning Coaches. We value physical fitness and this will be an integral part of our school culture.  This is followed by time to eat morning tea and then free play or club activities.

11:10-11:30   iRead

We value reading at OrmPS and our learners have time built in everyday to foster their love for reading.  This may be reading to self or a shared reading experience.  It is essential that the learners have a best fit book for this which they can issue from Te Manawa (our library) or bring from home.

11:30-12:30  iDevelop – Literacy

This learning block will involve needs-based, personalised sessions with a Learning Coach to develop specific capabilities. This will target literacy skills to support, stretch and challenge our learners.

12:30-1:10   iBreak

This 40 minute break will include time to eat, free play and the option to engage in some organised sports/activities. We will also foster the creation of student lead ‘club’ type activities in this break and have 6 clubs on offer at present.

1:10-2:40     iExperience

This learning section provides time for learners to collaborate and connect. There will be both compulsory and optional immersion sessions for the learners to gain knowledge and expertise in certain areas so they are better able to embark on their self directed inquiries/problem based learning. iExperience is about providing and participating in new experiences. The last fifteen minutes of each day will be time for reflection on the days learning and for designing of tomorrow’s iExplore time as well as respecting our habitat by tidying up and completing our monitor duties.

2:40-2:55     iReflect

Each day we give our learners 15 minutes (+ or -) to reflect on their learning and identify their next learning steps.  They will record a lot of this online in their Learning Pathway (ePortfolios).

2:55              Home Time

***please note that there will be variations to this programme based on habitat needs, learner needs and in order to personalise learning