Our OrmPS Curriculum will incorporate all of the learning areas in the New Zealand Curriculum.

The learning areas will be integrated in the learners’ Grande and Petite Learning Adventures in iExplore and iExperience learning blocks. Whereas literacy, mathematics, targeted skills and specialist teaching programmes will unfold in the iDevelop learning block (as well as being integrated within the iExplore and iExperience learning blocks).

Please review our curriculum website for more details about the OrmPS curriculum. Deliberate use of our OrmPS Learning Model will enable a personalised approach to teaching and learning for all of our learners. Our Learning Coaches will negotiate the learning pathway with each learner to ensure their needs are being met and that we are valuing learner voice.

  • English
  • Mathmatics & Statistics
  • The Arts
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Learning Languages