Assessment & Reporting to Parents

Assessment for learning is what informs our practice. We will utilise a wide range of assessment tools and practices to identify learner needs and to inform a teaching and learning programme that will best meets each learners’ individual needs.

Communication with parents will be ongoing, frequently updated by learners, learning coaches and parents and available online in their learning portfolios.

Ongoing assessment is what enables our learning coaches to meet the needs of all learners. It is also what empowers our learners to drive their own learning.

Digital Learning Pathways will document individual learning adventures, including frequent reflections, negotiated learning goals and samples of the learners work. These learning portfolios belong to the learners and will be an ongoing environment to host their thinking and learning during their years at OrmPS.

We will encourage parents to visit the learning portfolios regularly and leave feedback, comments and questions for their children. Access to these will soon be available from the Learning Habitat Google sites.

Regular learning conversations with a learning coach, learners’ daily reflections in their online learning portfolios and assessment tools will all be used to improve learner achievement and confidence.