Our Learning

At OrmPS we have an innovative approach to Teaching and Learning.

Our learners will initially be broken into two groups, with each group learning in one of our ‘learning habitats’ and will have access to four learning coaches to guide their learning pathways.

Our learning at OrmPS will be structured into three learning blocks with two 40 minute breaks. These learning blocks are in alignment with our vision principles and will develop key competencies and skills while fostering curiosity and building knowledge.

We will make deliberate use of our OrmPS Learning Model to guide the learning pathways of all learners.

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Day of an OrmPS Learner

A day in the life of a learner at Ormiston Primary School draws parallels with a traditional school day with some key differences. The day is broken into three learning blocks: iExplore, iDevelop & iExperience; with two 40 minute breaks.


Innovative Learning Environments

Our Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs) are called ‘learning habitats’ and incorporate a variety of resources and furniture as well as the 4 different niches to enable powerful  learning. These spaces will be inhabited by our learners, learning coaches and visitors.



Our OrmPS Curriculum will incorporate all of the learning areas in the New Zealand Curriculum. The learning areas will be integrated in the learners’ Grande and Petite Learning Adventures in iExplore and iExperience learning blocks. Whereas literacy, mathematics, targeted skills and specialist teaching programmes will unfold in the iDevelop learning block.


Learning languages presents us with opportunities to use language in order to link people locally and globally, past and present. At OrmPS learners will use language to explore languages other than their own; questioning, inquiring and reflecting about the different languages and cultures of the people in our school.



Physical Education and Health will be an integral part of our learning at OrmPS. There will be 2 sessions each week for skills based PE sessions as well as iActive (fitness) everyday and organised break time sports activities. We endeavour to provide opportunities for all learners to be involved a range of sports, both social and competitive, to nurture enjoyment, confidence and skill.


Arts, Music & Culture

Visual and performing arts will be integrated into our iExplore and iExperience learning blocks as appropriate.   Mrs. K and Miss Morgan will lead our Arts programme- connecting with our community wherever possible.  Find out more here.



In building OrmPS we have achieved a Green Star Rating (see their website for more details).  We want to create a culture of sustainability. While we await support from Enviroschools, we will be working hard to support our learners at incorporating green initiatives within our OrmPS curriculum.


Assesment & Reporting to Parents

Assessment for learning is what informs our practice. We utilise a range of assessment tools and practices to identify learner needs and inform a teaching and learning programme that meets those needs. Communication with parents will be ongoing, frequently updated by learners learning coaches and parents and available online in their learning portfolios.