In 2006, NZSL sign language became the third official language in New Zealand. Last week, Ormiston Primary School celebrated NZSL week 2016. It was a special occasion for all learners to learn more about Deaf people’s culture and identity.

Many of our learners enjoyed the benefits of being able to talk with their hands as they participated in various communicative games and educational led-activities. Furthermore, learners are welcome to get involved in the NZSL club that are run and facilitated by Deaf adults and students alike, every Tuesdays during iBreak 1 and 2 time to develop their knowledge and skills in NZSL language learning and Deaf culture.
Find out what your child has been learning in NZSL so far… and discover some of the interesting things they can do to further their learning about Deaf culture and identity, such as referring to the NZSL online dictionary to improve their knowledge of NZSL, or by becoming involved in the NZSL hub, face to face learning at Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand too.
A big thanks to our OrmPS Deaf learners who were leaders of facilitating NZSL week 2016. It was a great opportunity to learn more about Deaf storytelling, Deaf comedy, hearing assisted devices, communication games and language learning in signs, as the whole school celebrated and acknowledged the unique place Deaf culture has within our society.