As part of our school-wide term focus of ‘Connect’, our school visited the Fo Guang Shan in Stancombe Road.  The learners were able to participate in a number of different activities throughout the temple, focussed around the 3 Good Deeds and 4 Givings. Our learners have also entered writing and colouring competitions as part of the festival. The prizegiving for the competition is on Sunday 7 June at 1pm.  While we visited we were given a tour of the Temple learning about the meaning of the architecture and symbolism. Engaging cartoons were shown to explain the 3 Good Deeds and 4 Givings. In addition, the NZ Police also gave a short talk at the Festival to talk about their role in building positive relationships and harmony in the community.


Goals of the Festival are:

  • To encourage young people to build positive relationships.
  • To raise awareness of different cultures in the local community.
  • To support local schools in achieving their school values.
  • To reinforce the concept of connectedness in the community

Our staff will be visiting the temple for an afternoon of meditation later this term.  Isn’t it great to make connections with our community?!