Getting to school

Ormiston Primary School has a relatively compact zone. We are a Travelwise school which means we are continuously working to improve road safety and reduce the number of vehicles driving to and from our school (and Community Campus) at peak times.

Our Pick Up Drop Off Zone (PUDO) on Helianthus Avenue is a no parking area between 8.30am- 9am and 2.30pm-3.30pm. Please make sure you move forward to allow other cars in as it is a very busy area.

We have a newly installed pedestrian crossing and speed table on Helianthus Avenue and operate road patrol after school.

Please ensure you drive slowly and carefully past our school to ensure the safety of our children. Thank you.

Once our community campus is fully operational we will have over 6000 people movements each day across the schools. We want to minimize this as much as possible by encouraging our learners to walk or wheel to school. Parents who must pick up or drop off their children are respectfully asked to do so along Kerrykeel Road in the 2 minute drop off area to keep Hellianthus Avenue clear.