Ormiston Primary, a new school for the community he kura hou mo te hapori

Guarantee every learner engages in innovative, personalised world class learning

Welcome to Ormiston Primary School, a contributing State Primary School enrolling children in Years 1 to 6.

Our vision “Guarantee every learner engages in innovative, personalised world class learning” was gifted to us by our Establishment Board of Trustees. Every decision we make is in alignment with our vision and grown through our vision principles.  Our educative purpose is centred around our learners, our team strives to:

  • Create deliberate learning opportunities
  • Develop the capabilities in every learner daily

In our school, we believe we are better able to touch the future every day, and to reimagine possibilities for our young people, by nurturing innovation and valuing questions more than answers.  Our ultimate aim is to provide inclusive, stimulating learning spaces which inspire our learners to become responsible, confident contributing citizens of Aotearoa and our dynamic, evolving world.

“Children are highly engaged in their learning. They value opportunities to be involved in decision making about their learning and many aspects of daily school operations, including major school events. Children at all year levels have meaningful opportunities to take on leadership roles.” (ERO, 2015)

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Ormiston Primary opened it's doors to learners on 3 February 2015

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The OrmPS logo is at the heart of all we do…

Because learning is central to everything at Ormiston Primary School, our logo is a visual cue and reminds us of our four vision principles:  connected, capable, collaborative and curious, as we use them daily to uncover and inspire learning adventures while developing important skills and dispositions.

Our logo is the framework for our Learning Model, our PB4L Being #Oresome Approach, Leadership Pathways, our Strategic Plan, Appraisal approach and so much more!

Our vision, vision principles and logo are intertwined as a deliberate approach to what we do at Ormiston Primary School.  We will continue to explore and build upon them as our school and community grow.

“The school’s four vision principles (curious, collaborative, connected and capable) underpin teaching and learning programmes, and provide a framework for many other aspects of school operations.” (ERO, 2015)