Calling all parents and caregivers of Oresome Ormiston Primary School!We are offering a Digital Technologies session for all of our parent community on Wednesday March 8th at 2pm, 3pm and 6pm in Te Manawa, so choose the time that works for you.

Come and learn how to access your child’s learning pathways and blogs. It is essential for you to know how to do this in order to access your child’s narrative assessments, progress reports and learning progressions. We can show you how to comment on blogs and take you through the list of apps that we use.  Devices will be provided. This is an exciting opportunity for you to come and learn different ways to keep our children safe online and how to manage the digital world inside your home.

We also intend to offer English language learning classes for people of all ages and from all backgrounds and for a range of purposes in Term 2. If you or your family need extra english tutoring to increase employment opportunities or to advance yourself in your place of employment or if Nana and Grandad want to communicate in English with your children, come along to the workshop and hear more about how this can become a reality.  

Any further inquiries about this event, please come to the school office and ask for Miss Aerenga or email [email protected]. See you there!

Oresome 奥米斯顿小学的家长

3 月 8 日周3 下午 2时,3时和晚上 6时, 本学校在图书馆提供家长数字技术会议, 家长可以选择适当时间。

学习如何访问您孩子的学习路径和博客, 知道你孩子的叙事评估,进展报告和学习进步。

帮您通过我们使用的应用程序列表, 可以告诉您如何评论博客。




需要额外的英语辅导以增加就业机会, 或帮助您提高工作的英语水平, 或帮助祖



关于此活动的查询,请到学校办公室Aerenga小姐可以帮助您或电邮[email protected]