We have been very busy with sports so far. In term one, cricket sessions with Marcel from Tennis Auckland were for LH1 and LH4 – big thanks to Mark Lewis from Ace Sport for contacting our school and organising this for us. A group of 20 learners (from across the school)  took part in a one day rugby session with Jarrod and the team from East Auckland Rugby which was held at our school. We had a mixed rippa rugby team for years 5 and 6 that took participated in the Eastern Rippa tournament. We played five games and almost every learner in the team scored a try in at least one of the games played. Mr McNeil organised for Football in Schools on a Friday during iBreak 2,  which saw over 40 learners from across the school take part. They learned lots of football skills.

This term, we had three teams with over 30 learners from Year 5 and 6, participate in the Football Field Day. One of the teams won all their games. Thank you Mr Dyer and Mr McNeil for taking them. In the meantime, we are busy training for a Rugby 7s Field Day which is coming up next week Monday 29the May. As well as that, a mixed hockey team will be taking part in a Hockey Field Day next month. We are also starting up a Gymnastics team to take part in a Field Day in August.

Our sports trolley is now in action and has been very busy this term.  It is filled with sports gear such as hula hoops, sports balls (basketballs, footballs, netballs, rugby balls, tennis balls), moon hoppers, balance boards, paddle boards and lots of other gear for learners to use during each iBreak. Learning coaches will supervise but the sports monitors from each habitat are assigned a day and are responsible for giving out at the beginning and collecting all the gear at the end of each break.