We started Term 2 with a reminder about Road Safety – both when travelling by foot and with wheels.   Five enthusiastic members of our Travelwise team joined Eadaoin from Auckland Transport  to wave placards at passing motorists on Ormiston Road.   They were thrilled to receive over 30 toots of appreciation.  

Our #oresome road patrollers are continuing to do a fantastic job with helping our learners (and parents) to safely cross the road outside our school.  In Term 1 we held some road crossing workshops with LH1, 2 & 4 and it’s great to see that many of these young learners are now educating their own parents and grandparents on how to use the patrolled crossings.

Don’t forget to use the refuge crossing on Kerrykeel Drive, opposite our top field.   This road is getting extremely busy so it’s best to support our learners to keep safe and cross where there is a safe place to wait in the middle of the road.