Lot’s of exciting things have been happening at Ormiston for Enviro. Not only do we have new chickens, we have also taken on some pretty cool projects.
LH6 have been #oresome at clearing the food from the worm bins into the worm farms after iBreaks. They have even been doing the Bokashi bin in the staffroom for the Learning Coaches! It has been #oresome to see the right things going in the worm bins and not as much rubbish in them.

Our new entrant learners in LH2 have been showing us their capabilities in being responsible, doing a #oresome job at looking after the chickens. Their LC’s support them to give the chickens their food and water every day. After the weekend, the chickens can get hungry and impatient, pecking your feet when you try to enter the coop to feed them. LH2 learners make sure someone with filled in shoes goes into the coop to feed them first.

LH1 have been harvesting and selling vegetables at the Market Day. They have been exploring things they are interested in making and learning to pitch their idea to an audience. Learners have then taken on projects and have been trialling things they can make to sell at Market Day. It has been exciting to have other habitats join us and we are excited for more collaboration to come.

Market Day has been an exciting new initiative within Enviro. Each habitat has been planting their own garden beds full of beautifully fresh and organic vegetables and herbs. OrmPS has been harvesting theses vegetables and selling them to the community for a very small cost. It will be exciting to see others join us to sell their vegetables to!