Every year in May we celebrate New Zealand Sign Language week.

This year at Ormiston Primary School we kicked off the week with a special Hui.

LH5 prepared and practiced special performances the whole week. We had:


1. comedy drama

2. a short drama giving out a message

3. NZSL words teaching

4. a dance and song fully in NZSL.


Angelena and Taylor were our wonderful MC’s. Blaine and Jona shared an interesting presentation. Joe, Lui, Jona and Blaine made us all laugh with their funny dramas. Rawinia, Anthea, Ruilin and Jean-Baptiste shared some animal and time signs with the school. And to wrap it up, all of LH5 signed the song “can’t stop the feeling” and it looked #Oresome!!!


The LH5 staff prepared some fun activities for OrmP School. The learners helped and supported the learning coaches. The winners from each habitat received blue tokens. It was great to see all the learning coaches from LH1,LH2,LH3, LH4 and LH6 involved in the activities.


Michael Wi, our Maori tutor did Maori storytelling in NZSL.  Many learners came to LH5 to enjoy watching the interesting story.


We had lots of fun in NZSL week. We all got a chance to show our amazing talents!! We even had NZSL picture and colouring competition. The winners got a special certificate and prize in Hui time.

Hope everyone enjoyed the #Oresome NZSL week!