Every Monday, Thursday and Friday we have a leadership programme which is called Trans-fo-minds– and it is held in the OrmPS Te Manawa. On Monday’s their is an activity called dance persona which is where we learn to dance and become more comfortable when doing a performance. On a Thursday there is an activity called penorama.  At penorama we learn to write a story and get creative with our imagination. Currently we are writing about dreams and with just 2 dreams we can make a story. Finally on Friday we have something called mind-craft which is basically a activity where we learn to do arts and craft. We learnt to express our drawing and creative skills.  By Shreya K

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Hi i’m Ash and every Wednesday I go to Mandarin Classes ! My Mandarin classes go from 3pm-4pm in Ormiston Primaries Te Manawa! At Mandarin classes we learn different poems and numbers and how to make sentences . I really enjoy doing  Mandarin classes as I get to learn a new language and it will be easier to communicate with others who don’t understand english ! I find this program really helps me in loads of ways such as , it makes it easier to learn other languages , we get the opportunity to communicate with others and it is really FUN ! We get textbooks and workbooks included for $80 per term!If Wednesday dosen’t work for you , you can always go to the Tuesday session! I hope you know now about Mandarin classes that run in Ormiston Primary School and all the benefits it includes for only $80 !


This is a Picture of 1 of our Textbooks!Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 11.24.02 AM