May 2016

Getting Googly @OrmPS!!

May 30th, 2016|

We hosted the first ever  @GEGNZ Sparkshop at OrmPS on Saturday, My 28, 2016.  Over 50 educators attended and participated.
What is a Sparkshop?
A Sparkshop is designed to “spark” inspiration in the practice of others.  The event format is similar to an unconference with a twist.
Participants who are keen to pitch a Sparkshop were invited to add […]

Using Technology Better

May 3rd, 2016|

This term Ormiston proudly hosted the Using Technology Better conference. Educators from all over New Zealand gathered to learn how to best use technology with their students. Teams of educators, including Ormiston Learning Coaches, attended a variety of workshops ran by Google certified teachers Mike Reading from Australia and Alice Keeler from California. The workshops […]

April 2016

Participating in Ritual Dissent with Edge Work

April 3rd, 2016|

Chris and Leanne from Edge Work (Auckland University of Technology) engaged our educators in some intense and valuable professional learning in Week 8. They are skilled facilitators who challenge the status quo and believe that the Future needs something different from education. Some of the key takeaways:

We need to meet to create rather than inform. […]

April 2015

GAFE Summit- April 13-14, 2015

April 20th, 2015|

Our two Associate Leaders of Learning were fortunate to both attend and present at this years North Island Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit which was hosted at Albany Senior High School during the break on April 13-14. The New Zealand EdTechTeam Summit featuried Google for Education. It was a high intensity two day event […]

OrmPS is a PB4L School

April 5th, 2015|

Our PB4L team:  Koral Doidge, Miriam Kamsteeg, John Dyer, Margaret Patrick and Diana Wilkes have been participating in training with the MOE in order to ensure we are teaching expected behaviours as we would a curriculum learning area to ensure well-being of all of our learners.  By strengthening relationships and creating more positive home and […]

February 2015

Powerful Powhiri Practice

February 3rd, 2015|

On Thursday 22 nd of January, thoroughly energised by our three days in Long Bay, the Learning coaches, Strategic Leadership team and members of the board had the opportunity to meet with cultural consultants from the East Auckland area to discuss our powhiri on the 3rd of February. These lovely people led us through details about […]

FISH Philosophy

February 2nd, 2015|

At OrmPS we are mindful that our disposition affects the way we interact with others and how we engage with our work and learning. We are HOOKED on FISH ©Charthouse Learning.

FISH is a group of 4 strategies or practices we will be using to inspire each other to build a positive, enthusiastic and focused culture […]

Voices Off – Learning NZSL

February 2nd, 2015|

During our time at Vaughn Park the Learning Coaches and Strategic Leadership Team had the opportunity to learn some New Zealand Sign Language with Pam from the Kelston Deaf Education Centre. This session was a “voice off” session so we had to pick things up very fast! We learnt greetings, colours and how to finger […]

Vaughn Park – team building & learning retreat

February 2nd, 2015|

Vaughn Park is a Retreat Centre in Long Bay. As a staff we went and stayed to discuss and create the amazing culture at Ormiston Primary School. This was a great way to get to know the people that we will be working with. The three days that we spent together has brought us closer […]

our Digital Technologies Ecosystem

February 2nd, 2015|

At OrmPs our digital technologies ecosystem for our teaching and learning is diverse and multi-faceted.  Our primary platform will be GAFE (Google Apps for Education).  This platform allows learning coaches, parents, whanau and learners to access the teaching and learning where ever they have access to a digital device.  Learners will be creating their own learning […]